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Testing Appointments and Move In Details

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Posted on Monday, January 4, 2021

Below is the initial email I sent before the holidays. There is a good deal of information contained and I know there is confusion. Thank you for your patience and for asking questions that help me understand what is not clear.  I’m hoping this follow up email will provide some clarity.

Do I need to be tested before I return to campus? YES! We are asking you to have a PCR test prior to your return to campus and to upload those results to the Student Health Portal.  You will need to schedule this with a testing center near you.

 How long before returning to campus should I be tested (this is a change to the email below)? We are discovering that turnaround times for test results are much longer than anticipated. We recommend that you contact your local testing center and ask how long it will take to get your results. Then schedule far enough in advance that you can a) receive your results AND b) upload them to the Student Health Portal before you return to campus.  Ideally, your test would be no more than 5-6 days before your return.
Do I also need to be tested upon arrival to campus? YES! Please see the link below to schedule your testing appointment and report directly to Old 77.
When do I move-in? Your move in time FOLLOWS your testing appointment. You do not need to make a separate appointment.