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Guides and Handbooks Top of Page
Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece and Rome
  Ref DE59 .C55 1988 v.1-3
Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
  Ref DS57 .C55 1995 v.1-4
Contemporary Middle East: A Documentary History
 Ref DS42 F44 2008
Guide to the Study of Medieval History
  Ref Z6203 .P19 1980
Reference Guide to Latin American History
  Ref F1410 .H463 2000
Sources for Information for Historical Research
  Ref Z6201 .S64 1994
World Conflicts and Confrontations
  Ref D860 .W64 2000 v.1-4

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Top of Page
Canadian Encyclopedia
  Ref F1006 .C36 v.1-3
Dictionary of Military History and the Art of War
  Ref U24 .D4913 1994
Encyclopedia of African History and Culture
  Ref DT3 .P27 2001 v.1-3
Encyclopedia of Asian History
  Ref DS31 .E53 v.1-4
Encyclopedia of European Social History from 1350 to 2000
  Ref HN373 .E63 2001 v.1-6
Encyclopedia of Human Geography
  Ref GF4 .E54 2006
Encyclopedia of India
  Ref DS405 .E556 2006 v. 1-4
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture
  Ref F1406 .E53 2008
Encyclopedia of Russian History
  Ref DK14 .E53 2003 v.1-4
Encyclopedia of World History
  Ref D21.E577 2000
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
  Ref D804.3 .E53 v.1-4
Encyclopedia of the Renaissance
  Ref CB361 .S74 2008
Historical Dictionary of Iran
  Ref DS270 .L67 2007
Historical Dictionary of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  Ref DS119.7 .K85 2006
MacMillan Encyclopedia of World Slavery
  Ref HT861 .M24 1998 v.1-2

Biographical Sources Top of Page
Biographical Dictionary of World War I
  Ref D507 .H47
Current Biography Yearbooks
  Ref CT100 .C8 1940-current
Dictionary of World Biography
  Ref CT104 .D54 1998 v.1-9
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
 Ref DA28 O95 2004 v. 1-60
Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia
  Ref HQ1115 .W6 1999 v.1-17

Primary Sources Top of Page
Treaties & Alliances of the World
  Ref JX4005 .T72 1986
Cold War: Primary Sources
  Ref D839.3 .H36 2003

Chronologies Top of Page
Chronicle of the World
  Ref D11 .C56 1996
Chronology of World History
  Ref D11 .M39 1999 v.1-4
Columbia Chronologies of Asian History and Culture
  Ref DS33 .C63 2000
Timelines of World History
  Ref D11 .T34 2002

Atlases Top of Page
Atlas of Classical History
  Ref G1033 .A8333
Atlas of the British Empire
  Ref DA16 .A8
Complete Atlas of World History
  Ref G1030 .C66 1997 v.1-3
Historical Atlas of Africa
  Ref G2446 .S1 H5
Historical Atlas of the Middle East
  Ref G2206 .S1 F7 1993
Smithsonian Timelines of the Ancient World
  Ref D54.5 .S65 1993 ATLAS CASE
Times Atlas of World History
  Ref G1030 .T54 1993 ATLAS CASE

Statistical Sources Top of Page
International Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia & Oceania 1750-1993
  Ref HA4675 .M552 2003
International Historical Statistics: Europe, 1750-2000
  Ref HA1107 .M5 2003
World Population Ageing, 1950-2050
  Ref HQ1061 .W673 2002
World War II: A Statistical Survey
  Ref D744 .E45 1993

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Best of History Web Sites
History and the Internet
Holocaust Encyclopedia
Intute - Arts & Humanities
Russia Studies
Vietnam Online