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ARISE: Advocates for Relationship Intervention, Survivor Support, and Education

ARISE is a team of campus and community professionals who coordinate efforts on campus to offer comprehensive, consistent, and ongoing prevention and response to interpersonal violence. The term interpersonal violence (IPV) includes sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking as defined in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

ARISE acknowledges that historical, social, and cultural oppression create the conditions that allow interpersonal violence to disproportionately impact minoritized communities. ARISE is committed to practicing with a social justice lens and connecting survivors with resources that were born in their communities and honor their wisdom, strength, and resilience.

The ARISE team is comprised of personnel from the following departments and agencies:

  • The Wellness Center
  • Title IX
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Athletics
  • New Wilmington Police Department
  • Arise LC

We coordinate and support the following:

  • Training of Title IX Hearing Officers/Decision Makers/Investigators
  • Training of Public Safety Officers on responding effectively to IPV
  • Training on trauma-informed response to IPV for faculty and staff
  • Campus-wide comprehensive prevention education
  • Campus-wide awareness campaigns
  • Development/ongoing review of protocols, policies, and procedures for responding to IPV on campus
  • Compliance with the Violence Against Women Act Amendments to the Clery Act
  • Provision of comprehensive victims’ advocacy

Advocacy Services

Advocates are available at the Wellness Center, lower level of Shaw Hall by appointment. Our Advocates are employees of Arise LC. An advocate is a confidential professional who can:

  • Help survivors navigate their rights and reporting options
  • Support survivors in their recovery and healing process.
  • Connect survivors to campus and community resources.
  • Accompany survivors to medical appointments, legal proceedings, and student conduct proceedings
  • Provide crisis intervention and safety planning.

To get started in Advocacy Services:
24-Hour Confidential Hotline: 724-652-9036

Request a Training or Education Session

We offer the following trainings to the campus community:

  • Starting the Conversation: Interpersonal Violence on Campus
  • Titans Together Can End Interpersonal Violence on Campus
  • Bringing in the Bystander
  • Sexual Assault, Dating/Domestic Violence, and Stalking Information and Awareness
  • When Someone Discloses Interpersonal Violence: A Referral and Resource Guide

If you are interested in bringing any of these training sessions to your student organization, classroom, or staff, please contact Jessica Mudger, Associate Director of Well-being Programs and Violence Prevention at or 724-946-7926.