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Admissions Office Hours

Monday — Friday: 8:00 AM — 4:30 PM
Appointments may be made beginning at 8:30 AM and ending at 3:00 PM to allow for tours.

Saturdays (September — May): 9:00 AM — Noon
Group presentations begin at 10:00 AM with a campus tour at 10:30 AM.

Phone: 724-946-7100



The college search process is challenging. There are many important aspects to think about and consider. We believe the best way to learn about colleges is to ask questions throughout the process. Click on any of the topics we have listed below to find common questions and answers students and families have.

What is the application process and when is the deadline?

Westminster has two application options. The first is known as Early Action or EA. The deadline to receive consideration for EA is November 15th with a decision notification no later than December 15th.

The second application process is Rolling Admission beginning December 1, on a continuous basis with notification as soon as the application materials are received and reviewed. Students that apply after March 1st will be admitted based on a space availability in the new freshman class.

Do I have to commit to Westminster before May 1st if I'm accepted through Early Action?

There is no obligation to commit to Westminster based on Early Action Admission. The EA option gives you the earliest possible notification about:

  1. Your acceptance to Westminster.
  2. Your merit scholarship award (provided you're eligible) and
  3. Your financial aid package is awarded earlier provided you submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),

You may consider Westminster’s and other institution’s offers through May 1st of your senior year.

When do I declare a major officially?”

Students are not required to choose a major until the second semester of their sophomore year. However, declaring a major before you enter will give you the opportunity to take classes within your major as early as your first semester. If you are interested in nursing, you will need to declare nursing when you register as a first-time student.

Is a formal interview required for admission?

No. However, we do highly recommend that students visit the campus to become better acquainted with the College. While on campus prospective students can meet with an admissions counselor, tour the campus and meet with college faculty and/or coaches.

When may I come for a visit?

Individual visits can be made throughout the year. The admission office is open Monday - Friday throughout the year and on Saturday mornings during the academic year. You can schedule your visit online or by calling 724-946-7100. In addition, you can visit our campus on any number of our special Admissions Events.

What is Westminster's Financial Aid Federal Code?

Financial Aid Federal code is 003392.

What standardized test scores are required?

Westminster will accept either the SAT or ACT test scores. International students are required to provide results of a TOEFL or ELTS exam to demonstrate proficiency in English.

What academic calendar does Westminster use?

Westminster operates on a two-semester calendar. The fall semester starts in late August and ends in early December. The spring semester begins in mid-January and ends in early May. Summer school is an option for students with two different schedules starting just after graduation.

Does Westminster College have a major in ___________?

There are over 40 majors and many pre-professional programs at Westminster College. To learn more about individual programs visit our Academics page.

Does Westminster College use teaching assistants?

Courses and labs at Westminster College are taught only by faculty members in addition, 92% of the faculty hold a terminal degree or the highest degree in their field.

What is Westminster's policy on AP credits?

Credit is issued for a score of 4 on most AP tests.

Does Westminster accept credits from other colleges?

Yes. Many Westminster students have the opportunity to transfer college credits prior to the start of their first year. Each college course is reviewed on an individual basis and final approval is made by our Registrar's Office.

Are there opportunities for study abroad?

Yes. Westminster offers numerous opportunities to study off campus. Each student request for international or off-campus study is handled on an individual basis through the Office of Academic Affairs. Visit our Study Abroad web page.

Are internship opportunities available for Westminster students?

Yes. About 85% of Westminster students take part in at least one internship during their time on campus, while many of those take advantage of multiple . The Career Center is instrumental in helping students obtain these internships.

Can I bring my own computer to campus?

Yes! Every year Westminster recommends two specific laptop models for new students (one PC laptop and one MacBook) based on durability, processing speed, compatibility with resources, and size/weight. But if you already have a laptop, we will do our best to help you with basic troubleshooting and maintenance.

Tuition & Financial Aid
How much does it cost to attend Westminster College?

For the 2018-2019 academic year, the total cost (tuition, fees, room and board) is $48,106. This includes $170 for new student orientation. Please refer to our Cost of Attendance page for a detailed cost breakdown.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Academic scholarships are available. The College recognizes student excellence with scholarships at various levels. The merit awards are based upon high school academic achievement. Click here for a detailed list of our Merit Based Scholarships.

How do I apply for financial aid?

All students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st of their senior year. All students are encouraged to file a FAFSA to be considered for federal, state and institutional financial aid.

When should I apply for financial aid?

The best time to apply for financial aid is as close to November 1 as possible. Families completing the FAFSA can do so on the web at to get started and have many of your questions concerning federal and state programs answered.

Student Life
How many students attend Westminster College?

The student body is just over 1400 students which includes undergraduate and graduate students.

What is the percentage of women and men at Westminster?

The percentage by gender is 55 female to 45 male from throughout the US and the world blending culture and ethnic backgrounds in a special learning environment.

What is the student to faculty ratio?

The emphasis on the classroom experience is based upon small classes taught by engaging faculty. The student/faculty ratio is 12:1.

What is the average class size at Westminster?

The avarage is 25-30 students. Many of our classes are less than 20 and the largest class, of any kind, that you may find at Westminster is roughly 40-45 students. The only classes taught with more than 39 students are the music performance such as band, choral, orchestra and ensembles.

What is the graduation rate at Westminster?

Of the students who entered the College in the Fall 2008 semester, 71% graduated in 4 years and 76% in 6 years.

What percentage of students are commuters?

Westminster has an 8% commuter population. Housing is guaranteed for four years with various options of resident hall accommodations’ from single sex to coed residence halls as well as apartments available on campus.

What states do Westminster College students come from?

The majority of students (71%) are from Pennsylvania with Ohio being the next group of students represented. The second largest out of state students are from 24 to 26 states and five other countries.

Is Westminster a safe campus?

The campus is an environment where students live together and respect each other. Students feel safe on campus and the surrounding area. However, we do work hard to keep the campus safe with a 24-hour Safety and Security Department that takes a very proactive approach, ensuring the safety of the entire college community. Check out our campus crime statistics here.

What is the town of New Wilmington like?

New Wilmington is a small residential community (pop. 2,000), where you will find several quaint shops, banks, places of worship, local restaurants, several doctors offices, and a number of Bed & Breakfasts. A short 10 minute drive away are the towns of New Castle, PA (25,000 ) Sharon and Hermitage, PA (30,000 ).

Is on-campus housing available?

Yes. At Westminster you are guaranteed housing all 4 years and 85% of our students live on campus. Single sex and coed residence halls or apartment style housing are available.

How are we matched with our roommate?

Incoming First-Year students students complete the residence life form as part of the new student checklist. Members of the Student Affairs Office look at each form and pair roommates by hand according to the information supplied by each incoming student.

May I have a car on campus?

Yes. Each class year, Freshman through Senior, will be allowed to register vehicles. The yearly parking fee is $70.

What religious opportunities are available for students?

Westminster College is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA. The Chapel Office provides biweekly chapel services, a Saturday evening Catholic Mass, a Sunday evening nondenominational Vespers service, as well as numerous other opportunities for spiritual growth. Click here for the Chapel Office's website.

How many clubs or organizations does Westminster have?

Westminster students can take part in over 100 clubs and organizations, which range from academic societies to clubs that cater to specific interests.

What division of athletics are Westminster College's intercollegiate sports?

Westminster is NCAA Division III in all of its 22 intercollegiate sports.

Do you offer athletic scholarships?

As a NCAA Division III member, we are not permitted to grant athletic scholarships.

How many intercollegiate sports teams does Westminster have?

Westminster is nationally known for its excellence in intercollegiate athletics. The College is a member of the Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC) and has 22 male and female varsity athletic teams. Click here for the Titan Athletics website.

Does Westminster have intramural sports?

Yes. Westminster offers an extensive intramural sports program in which both students and faculty participate.