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Sociology majors are required to complete an internship in their respective field.

More Internship information can be found by checking the Professional Development Center link.

Here is a sampling of recent student internships:

B. Glavey

Major: Sociology

Brett Glavey

Site: Community Counseling Center, Hermitage PA (724)-981-7141

When: Summer 2010


  • Supervised teams of 4-8 consumers in the Welfare to Work Program
  • Created a Community Resources Report for other area social service agencies
  • Assessed consumers at Rosecrest House and State House Group Homes
  • Assisted with inspection of group homes in preparation for monitoring visit
  • Prepped consumer files for electronic scanning to help meet CCC’s Going Green Initiative
  • Created an accounts payable spreadsheet for the fiscal year
  • Created a spreadsheet listing consumers and their Support Placement Housing Units
  • Sat in on Anger Management, Budget Counseling, and Assertiveness classes
  • Received and directed calls and acted as a temporary secretary

Quote on experience: “While at CCC I gained much new experience in such areas as creating databases/spreadsheets, pre-employment skill building, and socialization skill building. I felt everything I was tasked with had a purpose. They challenged me, leading me to better understand where my strengths lie as well as the areas that needed improvement. I will never forget my time spent at CCC, nor those I worked for and with. Every single one of them made my internship the best that it could be. Looking back, the skills I learned at CCC have certainly stayed with me. I utilize them not only in the workplace, but in life as well.”

Josh Kaiser

Major: Sociology

Josh Kaiser

Spring 2019 graduate

Site: New Visions of Lawrence County

When: Summer 2018

Position: Marketing and Advertising Intern and Social Media Manager

Quote on experience: "This job has been an extremely good fit over the past year, and I am very interested in one day working for a non-profit organization. This experience has been extremely rewarding to me because of my calling to serve the community and those less fortunate than me. Overall, there is no other place that I would have rather given my time and effort for my internship and this experience gave me a much better idea of what the social work field is like. This is a field that I will always be interested in pursuing even if it is farther down the road in my life."

Nate Best

Major: Sociology

Nate Best

Graduated May 2018

Site: Fresh Marketplace Farmers' Market

Tasks: Helped harvest produce and assemble it and set it up. Also collected assessment data for the program.

Quote on experience: "Working at the farmers' market really made me realize that I would like to continue this type of work even after I graduate. I want to get into humanitarian work and teach individuals about gardening and eating healthy and shopping local. I am glad I did this internship and I am planning on working on the farm and at the market again this summer."

Karlesha Hampleton

Major: Sociology

Karlesha Hampleton

Graduated Spring, 2020

Site: Shenango on the Green Retirement Community

Tasks: Assisted Activity Director

Quote on experience: "The main objective I learned with working with individuals diagnosed with Dementia is that they are living in their own reality. Sometimes it may be a reality they were once in as a child or in their adult years. However, just because they are not always living in today’s reality doesn’t mean they are crazy or strange (Hutter, Stolk and Wittek, 2009) ... One resident told me how she had to go grocery shopping for her mother before she gets home, but in reality her mother is deceased and she hasn’t been with her for over 20 years. In situations like that it is best to agree and encourage and engage in their reality because that is what they believe is occurring at the time and you want them to be comfortable."


What can you do with a Sociology degree?

Imagine yourself a sociologist, organizational planner, human resources manager, organizational researcher, or in a position with an international business or non-profit.