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Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology-Social Policy majors are required to complete an internship in their respective fields.
Some Sociology majors also choose to complete an internship.

More Internship information can be found by checking the Professional Development Center link.

Here is a sampling of recent student internships:

Jennifer Duvall

Major: Sociology/Criminal Justice

Site: Lawrence County Adult Probation Office (APO)

When: January 2011- May 2011


  • read rules to the probationers
  • ran the house arrest window
  • filed paperwork
  • filled out DNA forms
  • various tasks for the PO’s (Probation Officers) and clerical staff.

Quote on experience: “I loved interning at the APO! I got a lot of hands on experience in the field that I someday hope to go into. Also, all the PO’s were awesome and I learned a lot from them.

B. Glavey

Major: Sociology

Site: Community Counseling Center, Hermitage PA (724)-981-7141

When: Summer 2010


  • Supervised teams of 4-8 consumers in the Welfare to Work Program
  • Created a Community Resources Report for other area social service agencies
  • Assessed consumers at Rosecrest House and State House Group Homes
  • Assisted with inspection of group homes in preparation for monitoring visit
  • Prepped consumer files for electronic scanning to help meet CCC’s Going Green Initiative
  • Created an accounts payable spreadsheet for the fiscal year
  • Created a spreadsheet listing consumers and their Support Placement Housing Units
  • Sat in on Anger Management, Budget Counseling, and Assertiveness classes
  • Received and directed calls and acted as a temporary secretary

Quote on experience: “While at CCC I gained much new experience in such areas as creating databases/spreadsheets, pre-employment skill building, and socialization skill building. I felt everything I was tasked with had a purpose. They challenged me, leading me to better understand where my strengths lie as well as the areas that needed improvement. I will never forget my time spent at CCC, nor those I worked for and with. Every single one of them made my internship the best that it could be. Looking back, the skills I learned at CCC have certainly stayed with me. I utilize them not only in the workplace, but in life as well.”

Katrina Falconer

Major: Sociology

Site: The Lawrence-Beaver Chapter Emergency Services of the American Red Cross located at 222 North Mercer Street, New Castle, Pa 16101

When: I started in the end of May 2011 and finished in the end of August (officially). However I am still a volunteer member of the chapter and a Disaster Action Team member, which I plan to be as long as I can.

Tasks: I was an all around assistant and team member. I learned the basic office protocols, including answering phones and responding to questions clients and customers asked, organizing and filing paperwork, handling and organizing/storing donations, assisting instructor's with class preparation, taking care of errands. I also learned how to be a disaster services client case worker. This included being able to respond to disasters, such as house fires, being able to fill out and file paperwork on behalf of clients so that their emergency needs could be met as soon as possible, and being able to work a large scale disaster such as an apartment fire, learning all the procedures for relocating clients and providing round the clock care for them at the temporary housing.

Quote on experience:

Serious quote:
"Hello, my name is Katie. I'm with the American Red Cross. How can I help you?" - this phrase was said very often and it is said in other forms by other people. However, when this is said to a person who's home was just destroyed, the light in their eyes changes from fear and panic to relief and hope. There is no other feeling like it, or like the feeling of seeing this reaction happen right in front of you because of one simple little phrase."

Fun quote:
Katie: "So when Jody asks why we are late you are going to say we had traffic problems. When we really drove north instead of south?"
Daniel: "Yes."
Katie: "And I am supposed to keep a straight face?"
Daniel: "Preferably."


What can you do with a Sociology degree?

Imagine yourself a sociologist, organizational planner, human resources manager, organizational researcher, or in a position with an international business or non-profit.