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Political Science

Requirements for the Secondary Education Teacher Certifications

Students seeking secondary education teacher certification in social studies with a major in political science must take the following courses and complete all of the requirements for a minor in Secondary Education.

Political Science and Required Supporting courses:

PS 101 Introduction to Political Science
PS 102 American National Government
PS 103 Introduction to Political Philosophy
PS 104 International Politics
PS 301 Junior Seminar: Research Design and Analysis in Political Science
PS 601 Senior Capstone
SSC 252 Data Analysis for Social Science

And four semester hours from the following American Politics courses:

PS 211 State and Local Government
PS 212 The Congress
PS 213 The Presidency
PS 214 The Courts
PS 215 The Politics of Rock and Roll
PS 251 Seminar in Politics and Behavior
PS 252 Seminar in American Politics
PS 302 Seminar—Mock Convention I
PS 303 Seminar—Mock Convention II
PS 311 Campaigns and Elections
PS 411 Political Psychology

And four semester hours from the following Poltical Theory or Public Policy courses:

PS 221 American Political Thought
PS 222 Modern Democratic Ideologies
PS 241 Public Policy
PS 242 Environmental Policy and Politics
PS 251 Seminar in Politics and Behavior
PS 253 Seminar in Political Philosophy
PS 321 American Constitutional Law: Government Powers
PS 322 American Constitution Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
PS 323 Modern Political Philosophy

And four semester hours from the following International Politics or Comparative Politics courses:

PS 204 Model United Nations
PS 232 Comparative European Governments and Politics
PS 233 Government and Politics of Developing Countries
PS 235 African Politics and Society (4 SH). A study of the interaction between politics and social structures in Africa. Topics will include political organization in pre-modern Africa, the development and impact of slavery, the operations and impact of European colonialism, thestruggle for independence, the nature of the African state, the operation of democratic and authoritarian governments, the role of women, and the effects of AIDS.
PS 236 Politics of the Russian Federation & Former Soviet Republics
PS 254 Seminar in Comparative Politics
PS 255 Seminar in International Politics
PS 331 Geopolitics
PS 332 U.S. Foreign Policy
PS 431 International Law and Organization

And twelve semester hours of Political Science electives numbering between 200 and 400.(See Course Descriptions for a complete list.)

Note: Up to four semester hours of PS 590-594 Field Experience/Internship may be counted toward the major.


What can you do with a Political Science degree?

Imagine yourself teaching or working in government, politics, or a professional position in the private sector.