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Political Science

Requirements for the Major

Political Science and Required Supporting courses:

PS 102 Introduction to American Politics
PS 103 Democratic Theory and Practice
PS 104 International Relations
PS 301 Research Design and Analysis in Political Science
PS 590 Internship
PS 601 Capstone
SSC 252 Data Analysis for Social Science

Plus, four semester hours in American Politics from the following:

PS 211 State and Local Governments
PS 212 The Congress
PS 213 The Presidency
PS 215 The Politics of Rock and Roll
PS 252 Seminar in American Politics
PS 302 Seminar — Mock Convention I
PS 303 Seminar — Mock Convention II
PS 311 Campaigns and Elections
PS 321 American Constitutional Law - Government Powers
PS 411 Political Psychology

Plus, four semester hours in Comparative Poltics and Policy from the following:

PS 214 The Courts
PS 222 Political Ideologies
PS 232 European Politics
PS 233 Politics in Developing Countries
PS 235 African Politics
PS 241 Public Policy
PS 254 Seminar in Comparative Politics
PS 322 American Constitution Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
PS 323 Modern Political Philosophy
PS 342 Politics and the Economy

Plus, four semester hours in International Politics from the following:

PS 204 Model United Nations
PS 231 Geopolitics
PS 236 Russian Politics
PS 255 Seminar in International Politics
PS 331 International Law and Organization
PS 332 U.S. Foreign Policy
PS 342 Politics and the Economy

Plus, twelve semester hours of Political Science electives numbering at the 200-level or higher (including SSC 253: Q Methodology), with the exceptions of PS 301 and PS 601, and a maximum of four semester hours of internship/field experience (PS 590).(See Course Descriptions for a complete list.)

Note: All political science majors will take PS 301 in the spring semester of the junior year, and PS 601 in the fall semester of the senior year. The two courses are linked and together make up a unifed capstone experience. Political science majors who enroll in the Honors program are required to complete the political science capstone program – PS 301, PS 601, and SSC 252 – as well.

Political Science majors planning to attend law school: The following is a list of recommended courses. These are not required courses, but all do help the student develop some of the skills, abilities, and knowledge helpful for success in law school:

BA 370 Business Law
PS 214 The Courts
PS 321 American Constitutional Law: Government Powers
PS 322 American Constitution Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
PS 431 International Law and Organization
ECO 150 Economic Reasoning
PHI 102 Practical Logic
PHI 230-259 Practical Ethics
CJS 202 Criminology
CJS 302 Sociology of Law and Legal Systems


What can you do with a Political Science degree?

Imagine yourself teaching or working in government, politics, or a professional position in the private sector.