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Neuroscience majors at Westminster College explore questions about how and why we do the things we do- how does the brain influence our behavior? Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary major in which students obtain a strong foundation of courses in biology, psychology, and math with the flexibility to also pursue individual interests in chemistry, biology, and computer science. The Neuroscience Program focuses on hands-on experience that is driven by course laboratories, internships, and senior research projects. All students complete a two-semester long senior project in which they design and explore a unique neuroscience question- some of these projects result in presentations at national scientific professional meetings and published papers. Students can learn to monitor a classmate’s brain activity in our Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory, or test learning and memory with rats in our Behavioral Neuroscience laboratory. Neuroscience students at Westminster are well prepared for medical or graduate school, but also pursue a wide variety of other careers.


What can you do with a Neuroscience degree?

Imagine yourself in a research laboratory investigating drug discovery, going to medical school, writing scientific articles, working in industry, or teaching other, future neuroscientists.