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Requirements for the Secondary Education Teacher Certification

Students seeking secondary education teacher certification in mathematics must take the following courses and complete all of the requirements for a minor in Secondary Education.

Mathematics and Required Supporting courses:

MTH 152 Calculus II
MTH 241 Discrete Mathematics
MTH 250 Calculus III
MTH 261 Linear Algebra
MTH 302 Probability
MTH 331 College Geometry
MTH 335 Statistics
MTH 361 Abstract Algebra
MTH 431 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School
MTH 451 Real Analysis
MTH 601 Mathematics Capstone
CS 151 Principles of Computer Science I
CS 152 Principles of Computer Science II

And four semester hours from the following courses:

MTH 150 Calculus I
MTH 253 Differential Equations
MTH 261 Linear Algebra
MTH 310-319 Special Topics in Mathematics
MTH 321 Numerical Analysis
MTH 341 Operations Research
MTH 481 Topology
MTH 590-594 Field Experience/Internship
MTH 610-619 Advanced Topics
MTH 620-624 Independent Study


What can you do with a Mathematics degree?

Imagine yourself an actuary, teacher, statistician, management scientist, professor, or graduate student.