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Fine Art

The Fine Art degree introduces students to diverse art forms through traditional and contemporary materials and techniques. Creative thinking and problem solving are integral parts of the degree. Westminster College offers a well-rounded education for artists, emphasizing the bridges between disciplines. Because of this, students benefit greatly from the College’s liberal arts setting. The department encourages interdisciplinary studies that cross over into public relations, visual communications, psychology, or business courses. For students seeking further study in fields of creative expression, Westminster provides a strong foundation. There are extra-curricular opportunities offered to expand students’ knowledge and understanding of the cultural arts, such as trips to museums, galleries, special openings, and conferences. Invited working artists provide talks and demonstrations of their craft to introduce students to real-world applications of the degree. Students are encouraged to use their creative skills throughout campus via clubs, organizations, productions, and publications.


What can you do with a Fine Art degree?

Imagine yourself a painter, mixed media artist, potter, or curator.