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Colloquia Series

The George Bleasby Colloquia Series 2016 - 2017

Sept. 22
7 p.m.
Mueller Theater
Brittany Rowe Cernevicius

“Bringing New Wilmington to New Orleans: New Ideas for Preparing Yourself to Enter the Workforce”

Oct. 27
7 p.m.
Mueller Theater
Bethany Hicok

“Elizabeth Bishop’s Brazil”

Nov. 17
7 p.m.
Mueller Theater
Kristianne Kalata

“Emotion and Memory in Literary Best Sellers”

Feb. 9
7 p.m.
Mueller Theater
Andrew Ade

“Legal Wrangling; How to Discover Theater in Your Drama"

March 23
7 p.m.
Mueller Theater
Sherrie Flick

"Reading Fiction from her Latest Collection: Whiskey, Etc."

April 20
7 p.m.
Mueller Theater
Senior Capstone Presentations

An integral part of the English curriculum is the George Bleasby Colloquia Series. This series is presented in separate evening programs.

These programs are public presentations by the faculty of the department, featured speakers and majors on individual scholarship, interests, and creative projects.

The colloquia serve two purposes:

  • To create a sense of community both by bringing together faculty, students, and scholars, and also by having these constituencies share what they are learning.
  • To give the entire curriculum a central, though diverse, focus - a prism of understanding.


What can you do with an English degree?

Imagine yourself an editor, educator, a journalist, attorney, lobbyist, business executive, sports information director, publicist, librarian, film executive, or writer.