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At Westminster College, English students are scholars from the beginning. Our innovative approach places scholarly conversation at the center of the curriculum. Students begin with paired courses that introduce our students to literary studies and ways of reading, combining textual study with literary criticism. They move on to seminars in the sophomore, junior, and senior years that build on the students’ knowledge base, incorporate research, and encourage students to join the conversation at ever increasing levels of sophistication. The program culminates in a two-semester capstone course in which students produce a substantial independent research project. Critical and creative writing are important components in the capstone experience and in all class offerings. English students often present their work at national and international conferences and work alongside faculty on research projects, while the internship requirement provides real-world experience in a wide selection of areas.


What can you do with an English degree?

Imagine yourself an editor, educator, a journalist, attorney, lobbyist, business executive, sports information director, publicist, librarian, film executive, or writer.