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Criminal Justice Studies

Requirements for the Minor

Criminal Justice Studies and Supporting Courses:

CJS 102 Deviance
SOC 350 Social Theory

Plus two of the following:

CJS 203 Victimology
CJS 204 Police
CJS 205 Criminal Courts
CJS 206 Corrections
CJS 207 The Death Penalty

Plus 16 additional semester hours of CJS or SOC classes, of which at least 8 semester hours must be CJS courses.

Sociology Course Options:

SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
SOC 209 Minority-Majority Relations
SOC 214 Social Class in America

Note: Sociology majors may not minor in Criminal Justice Studies.


What can you do with a Criminal Justice Studies degree?

Imagine yourself an investigator, detective, police officer, paralegal, counselor, or probation officer.