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Computer Science


Computer Science explores the world of programming and computing, in both practical, real-world settings and abstract, theoretical ones. Using mathematics, algorithms, and computer science theory to model, design, develop, and test computer-based systems, computer scientists can grow and maintain the world of technology from the bottom up. Westminster College's program in computer science prepares students for a variety of careers as well as graduate school. In addition to the core introductory courses consisting of two programming courses and Data Structures, students take Computer Architecture, Advanced Data Structures, Operating Systems, Database Theory and Design, and Language Design and Implementation. Electives include Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Numerical Analysis, and Theory of Computation. The senior-level Capstone course requires students to research, design, and implement their own unique project. Supporting courses for the major include calculus and discrete mathematics.

For those students interested in careers involving the design, development and maintenance of large software applications, Westminster offers a Software Engineering Concentration as an alternate track towards of Computer Science degree.  This concentration replaces some of the traditional Computer Science courses with more software-oriented classes including exposure to a wider variety of programming languages (such as Python and Ruby) and requiring several courses focusing on aspects of software production (such as Mobile Application Development and Software Engineering).


What can you do with a Computer Science degree?

Imagine yourself a software applications developer, computer systems analyst, computer programmer, database administrator, computer systems engineer, web developer, or information security analyst.