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Child and Family Studies

Requirements for the Minor

Education Courses:

SED 201 Foundations of Special Education (4 credits)
EDU 231 Educational Psychology (4 credits)
ECE 203 Diversity within Family-School-Community Partnerships (3 credits)
ELL 206 English Language Learners (3 credits
EDU 450 Teaching in Areas of High Need (2 credits)
PE 255 CPR/AED (1 credit)

One of the following Pyschology courses, or, for ECE/SED majors, two of the following:

PSY 101 Introduction to General Psychology
PSY 212 Psychology of Personality
PSY 213 Psychology of Prejudice
PSY 219 Early Childhood Development
PSY 221 Childhood and Adolescence
PSY 241 Organizational Psychology
PSY 281 Principles of Learning and Memory
PSY 291 Psychology of Adulthood
PSY 431 Abnormal Child Development

One of the following Sociology courses, or, for ECE/SED majors, two of the following:

SOC 101 Principals of Sociology
SOC 106 Individual and Society
SOC 107 Sociology of Gender
SOC 108 Social Problems/Social Policies
SOC 200 Sociology of Madness
SOC 204 Introduction to Social Work
SOC 209 Minority/Majority Relations
SOC 210 Gerontology
SOC 214 Social Class in America
SOC 260 Food Culture and Society
SOC 306 Sociology of Family
SOC 327 Medical Sociology
SOC 350 Social Theory

Plus, four semester horus from the following:

CJS 102 Deviance (4 credits)
CJS 201 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice (4 credits)
CJS 203 Victimology (2 credits)
CJS 206 Corrections (2 credits)


What can you do with a Child and Family Studies degree?

Imagine yourself a private, parochial school, or charter school teacher, a preschool teacher, a therapeutic support staff worker, a family support staff worker, a child care center teacher, an early intervention specialist, a family caseworker, or a career counselor.