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Child and Family Studies

Requirements for the Minor

Education Courses:

SED 201 (Cluster) ST IP: Foundations of Special Education
EDU 231 (Cluster): Educational Psychology
ECE 203: Diversity within Family-School-Community Partnerships
ELL 206: English Language Learners
EDU 450: Teaching in Areas of High Need

Psychology Courses:

PSY 101: Introduction to General Psychology
PSY 212: Psychology of Personality
PSY 213: Psychology of Prejudice
PSY 219: Early Childhood Development
PSY 221: Childhood and Adolescence
PSY 241: Organizational Psychology
*PSY 281: Principals of Learning and Memory
*PSY 431: Developmental Psychopathology

Sociology Courses:

SOC 101: Principals of Sociology
SOC 106: Individual and Society
SOC 107: Sociology of Gender
SOC 108: Social Problems/Social Policies
SOC 200: Sociology of Madness
SOC 204: Introduction to Social Work
SOC 209: Minority/Majority Relations
SOC 214: Social Class in America
*SOC 306: Sociology of Family
*SOC 327: Medical Sociology
*SOC 350: Social Theory

Criminal Justice Courses:

CJS 102: Deviance
CJS 201: Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
CJS 203: Victimology
CJS 206: Corrections

*Course has required prerequisite. Please consult undergraduate catalog description.


What can you do with a Child and Family Studies degree?

Imagine yourself a private, parochial school, or charter school teacher, a preschool teacher, a therapeutic support staff worker, a family support staff worker, a child care center teacher, an early intervention specialist, a family caseworker, or a career counselor.