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CQS Division Hosts Spring Recognition Banquet for Graduating Seniors and Scholarship Recipients

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Posted on Monday, April 9, 2018

The Division of Cognitive and Quantitative Sciences hosted their annual spring recognition and awards banquet on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. in the Witherspoon Rooms.

Opening comments were given by Dr. Terri Lenox, division chair. Following the dinner, program faculty recognized graduating seniors. Program recognition awards, book awards, and scholarships were also presented.

In addition to Dr. Lenox, the following faculty member represented the division at the event: John Bonomo, Craig Caylor, Carolyn Cuff, Natacha Fontes-Merz, Kelly Hartner, Thomas Oberst, Pamela Richardson, David Shaffer, Mandy Medvin, Sherri Pataki, Sandra Webster, Jessica Rhodes, and Deanne Buffalari.

Honored guests included:
David Sarver, Craig and Sharon Dimon, Matthew Hosie, Warren and Cinda Hickman, and David B. and Phyllis Gray.

Recognition of Graduating Seniors

Computer Information Systems Majors:
Eric Adams and Mitchell Stahara

Computer Science Majors:
Nicholas Caiazza, Kyle Monteleone and Joshua Stevens

Computer Science Minors:
Trevor Arrigoni, Rachael Huff Elliott and Matthew Gurneal

Mathematics Majors:
Trevor Arrigoni, Nicholas Caiazza, Rachael Huff Elliott, Matthew Gurneal, Tyler Heintz, Ava Hoag, and Deontay Scott

Mathematics Minors:
Eric Adams, Paige Baierl, Patricia Loughney, Charles Rossier and Antonio Troese

Physics Majors:
Tyler Heintz and Ava Hoag

Engineering Physics Majors:
Antonio Troese

Astronomy Minors:
Tyler Heintz and Ava Hoag

Psychology Majors:
Emily Connell, Addison Dieterich, Megan Douds, Devin Furness, Abigail Gore, Kaitlyn Krug, Haley Rich, Shelby Seyler, Katherine Shaw and Robert Turk

Psychology Minors:
Stephanie Dorsch, Savannah Goldbach and Kaitlyn Nicholson

Neuroscience Majors:
Bridget Herlihy, Emily Maholic, Megan Maloney, Katelynn Morrell and Morgan WidinaHuman Resource Management Majors:
Jessie Pokrant

Recognition of Kappa Mu Epsilon Members: Trevor Arrigoni (President), Skyler Hayes (Vice President), Rachael Huff Elliott (Treasurer), Nicholas Caiazza, John Clark, Tyler Heintz, Ava Hoag, Samuel Hockenberry, Shannon Joy, Alexander Michels, Roman Gabriel, Aaron Signer, Jamie Thompson and Antonio Troese

Recognition of Sigma Pi Sigma Members:
Tyler Heintz, Ava Hoag, and Antonio Troese

Recognition of Psi Chi Members:
Ashley Barker, Julianne Halmo, Lindsay Heinz, Kailey Liverman, Megan Maloney, Madison Morgan, Katherine Shaw, Christen Snyder, Marisa Stephenson, Gina Stephenson and Tori Vaughan

Mathematics Book Award: George Huncik

David Gray Social Action Award: Megan Maloney and Shelby Seyler

Dr. James A. Swindler and Jean (Swindler) Hosie Scholar Award: Andrius Burnelils

The Marmora Maude Dunlap and Dr. Edward A. Dunlap Scholarship: George HuncikNational Science Foundation Robert Noyce

Teacher Scholarship: Gabriel Roman & Jacob StoyerPaul E. Brown Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Stoyer

Dr. Warren D. Hickman Scholarship: Samuel Hockenberry

Dr. Beverly K. Michael Math Education Scholarship: Gabriel Roman

Dr. Thomas R. Nealeigh Mathematics Scholarship: Alexandeer Michels

J. Miller Peck Computer Science Scholarship: Devin Cheplic

Harriet Jackson Sarver Scholarship: Elaina Chapnell, Jamie Thompson & Skyler Hayes

Nell Glaser Whipkey and Kenneth Whipkey Scholarship: Daniel Jackson & David Windsor

Click here to view photos from the event.