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Humans of Westminster: Meet Jaevon

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Posted on Monday, October 30, 2017

Titans Have Your Back

I chose Westminster primarily for football. Coach Haugh recruited me. When I took my official visit, I met my two soon to be very good friends Juju and Dom. During that visit, we decided we were going to make something special happen here at Westminster.

I like how gracious most of the Westminster staff are towards minority students. They really do their best to make sure we are on top of everything. The support has been amazing, especially after my recent injury. I still cannot believe how many people, including students and staff, who keep making sure that I am alright. They have helped keep my mindset in a good place through this troublesome time. Recovery is going to be hard. However, with everyone's support, I WILL bounce back better than ever! What makes Westminster “home” is the close network of friends I have here that make me comfortable.

Jaevon Hardy is a senior sociology major.