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Humans of Westminster: Meet Dr. Pam Richardson & Twilight

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Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Pup"-town Girl

Usually, whenever students see Twilight they get really excited.  A lot of the students have dogs at home, so if they can get a few minutes of dog time in it’s usually a good thing. I think it’s therapeutic to have a dog in your life so I never mind when people want to borrow mine. I think it makes you happier. 

I like to watch her chase the squirrels on campus. She rarely gets to do that, so it’s a fairly safe space for her to do that. It’s also fun to see her interact with the students. She loves people but she doesn’t get to see them all that often. It’s an exciting day for her when a student says “hi.” 

Something people might be interested to know about Twilight is that we do a lot of training. We’ve taken 13 training classes; she knows all kind of tricks. She can track human beings—sort of search and rescue kind of training. Our latest class was a canine parkour class, so essentially what that means is that whatever you come in contact with—benches, tables, bike racks—you interact with.

Dr. Richardson is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Co-Director of the Drinko Center for Undergraduate Research. Twilight is a campus favorite for Westminster's "Cutest Pup."