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Carolyn Cuff: Westminster’s Necessary Voice

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Posted on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Carolyn Cuff: Westminster’s Necessary Voice

When summarizing their thoughts on this year’s Distinguished Faculty Award winner, colleagues, students and alumni repeatedly used words such as “excellence,” “visionary” and “commitment.” Their praises were high and one thing was clear: Dr. Carolyn Cuff’s range of impact is far-reaching.

Dr. Carolyn Cuff, program coordinator and professor of mathematics, was presented with the 2017 prestigious Westminster honor, a recognition of her intellect, her leadership, and her influences on both her peers and students.

Deeply respected among Westminster’s faculty and staff, Cuff is seen as a “necessary voice” at Westminster with her careful judgment, visionary leadership, and commitment to the College. She has been a role model to many, particularly her female students, demonstrating that women can survive, succeed and excel in the world of math and science.

But aside from her pursuit of excellence and strength of her character, alumni recall her compassionate side, her understanding nature. She, like all great leaders, listened. She listened as students talked about their dreams and their passions, their ups and their downs— and event today, she continues to keep that line of communication to help listen and guide.

Cuff, a 1978 Westminster graduate who joined the faculty in 1989, earned a master’s and her Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University.

The Distinguished Faculty Award is presented to a tenured faculty member who has demonstrated characteristics of the most outstanding faculty: intellectual vitality, effective communication skills, the ability to motivate or inspire compassion and concern for student success, collegiality, and leadership.