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Westminster All-College Honors Program Dines with President Richardson

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Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Westminster All-College Honors Program students and Dr. Bethany Hicok, honors program director, enjoyed dinner with President Kathy Richardson and her husband on Nov. 6.

“Dining with the President of Westminster College as a first-year student was truly a memory I will treasure forever,” said first-year honors student, Sammi Winter. “I sincerely enjoyed both the food and the company at the President’s house, and I hope we have more events like this in the future.”

42 students in the honors program attended the dinner at President Richardson’s home. Those students agreed that they are excited to see the positive impact the new president will have on the college in the future.

“Both president Richardson and her husband were very personable and a joy to interact with,” said Brittany Slupe, senior honors student. “I am very excited that I had the chance to spend time with President Richardson, but also sad that this will be the last honors program dinner that I will be able to experience with her.”

For more information, contact Hicok at or 724-946-6349.