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Humans of Westminster: Meet Kristenne

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Posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I had no idea how my relationship with colleagues would develop when I arrived to Westminster College in the fall of 2009. I soon learned that the most social of social scientists are the political scientists. I could write about each of them, but I am going to focus on Dr. Ed Cohen who I like to call “the hall monitor”. Ed regularly drops by my office to talk feminism, music, politics, and beer. I also find him standing in the hallways observing between classes where we get in a few sarcastic jabs or he demonstrates a new dance move. He loans me cd’s (yes, we still listen to cd’s) of his favorite bands and he even brings me small tokens from his vacations. I am appreciative of this friendship that I would not have predicted in the fall of 2009.

Dr. Kristenne Robison is an associate professor and program coordinator for criminal justice studies