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Economics and Business Department Hosted Winter Analyst Program

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Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Westminster College’s Department of Economics and Business hosted a winter analyst program.

Open to students from all majors, the program is an experiential learning event designed to replicate an internship on Wall Street.  Student intern analysts review more than 1,000 pages of publicly-available financial documents and, under the supervision of a professional financial analyst, use real-world methods to prepare a full analysis of a publicly-traded firm.

“The analyst program is a unique experience that mirrors the process of a Wall Street financial analyst,” said Dr. Daniel Fischmar, Westminster professor of economics and one of the event’s coordinators.  “As a result of the experience, students gain the ability to dissect and forecast a company’s finances, evaluate its strategies and its competitive position, and reach a reasoned judgment about its ability to meet its debt obligations.  Of equal importance, students have the rare opportunity to interact with professional financial analysts who mentor and evaluate their work.”

Assisting Fischmar in preparation and coordination of the event was Westminster alumnus Ben Nelson ’06, an assistant vice president with Moody’s in New York City.  He was pleased with the success of the program: “Students did an excellent job analyzing a very complicated company.”

Students heard from Dr. Richard Dorman, Westminster College president, who shared with students the challenges of executive leadership and the process of running an organization. Phil Petraglia ’83, chief financial officer with Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse spoke about the decision-making required by a chief financial officer and provided students the direct linkage to the type of analytical work offered through the winter analyst program.

Additional Westminster alumni who participated were Harry Bittle ’14, financial analyst with PNC Bank and Kevin Winner ’13, a graduate student.  Bittle and Winner participated in the program as undergraduates.

“I brought the analysis skills I learned in my English classes and used them to sift through the data to write my portion of the report,” said Haley Barger, a senior English major from Beaver. “This porgram proves that the skills I’ve gained through my own discipline can be used in other areas, too.”

Contact Fischmar at 724-946-7162 or email for additional information.


Hometown Information: 

Beaver, PA

Haley Barger, a senior English major, is a daughter of Carolyn Barger and a graduate of Blackhawk High School.

Greensburg, PA

James DeBone, a senior accounting major, is a son of Samuel and Diane DeBone and a graduate of Hempfield Area Senior High School.

Irwin, PA

Rebecca Bradnam, a junior biochemistry major, is a daughter of Stephen and Kim Bradnam and a graduate of Hempfield Area Senior High School.

New Castle, PA

Zachary Kraus, a junior accounting major, is a son of Helmut and Susan Kraus and a graduate of Shenango High School.

New Wilmington, PA

Raechel Pusateri, a junior English major, is a daughter of Rhonda K. Peterson and a graduate of Wilmington Area High School.

North Huntingdon, PA

Alyssa Fyock, a sophomore business administration major, is the daughter of Tab and Sheli Fyock and a graduate of Norwin High School.

Rockton, PA

Ian Davis, a senior biochemistry major, is a son of James and Charlene Davis and a graduate of Dubois Area Senior High School.

Warren, OH

Ann Bayma, a senior international business major, is a daughter of Edmund and Rose Bayma and a graduate of Howland High School.