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Westminster College Professor Teaches Seminar at Princeton

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Posted on Thursday, July 27, 2000

Nancy A. Macky, associate professor of English at Westminster College, recently taught a seminar at Princeton Theological Seminary Institute.

Macky's course, "Finding Sacred Treasurers in Secular Literature," demonstrated readers theatre techniques and featured lectures on how secular literature illustrates sacred messages.

"I showed how secular literature illustrates sacred messages," said Macky. " In the evening I guided a film series showing contemporary examples of the week's theme, Who is My Neighbor.' Les Miserables was the first, which I subtitled Reluctant Neighbors,' and To Kill a Mockingbird was second, which I named Neighbor as Monster." The final movie, Steel Magnolias I subtitled as, Healing Neighbors.'

"Participants were enthusiastic about learning how to analyze literature and apply it to spiritual themes, and how to take any text and turn it into fascinating readers theatre, which can be performed in small spaces with small casts and minimal physical arrangements," said Macky.

The course, which was filled to capacity, was attended by 50 ministers, and audited by several more. Macky will be returning to Princeton to teach a three-day seminar on sacred dimensions in secular literature.

Macky earned her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, and her master's and Ph.D. from Kent State University.