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Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Sauro DiLucia ’95

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Posted on Thursday, June 15, 2023

Jennifer Sauro DiLucia ’95

Broadcasting major

Theater minor

Jennifer Sauro DiLucia '95 has had a passion for entertainment since she was young, taking active steps to reach her dream of appearing in the radio, television, or podcasting industry. In college, she was given the confidence to share her voice beginning in her first year at Westminster, and has since developed skills and experiences that have led her through the entertainment industry, now hosting her own, successful podcast, Spill with Me Jenny D.

Tell me about your life following graduation.

When I graduated from Westminster in 1995, I was so eager to start interviewing around the Pittsburgh area. I started on air at an AM radio station called WIXZ 1360AM. Then, I ventured into the television world, finding that Pittsburgh has a variety of fantastic local stations to choose from. After that, I took my connection from my internship at WQED and decided to audition to be a pledge host – I got the job! I worked my way up the ladder and worked as a producer at Variety 96.1/WTAE Channel 4 for the morning and overnight shows. When I realized how hard it was to actually get on-air, I switched roles to sales and marketing for Fox 53/WB 22 and UPN 19. When I got married and began to start a family, I worked part-time from home in advertising. I'm now living my dream as the host on my own podcast, Spill with Me Jenny D.

What’s your current role?

My current role since January 2022 is a nationwide podcaster on my show, Spill with Me Jenny D. I feel that Westminster College helped me in so many ways reach this goal. Going to a small school, I had the opportunity to be on the school’s radio station and started a segment called “The Entertainment Report” on the television station, since I had a passion for giving light to happier stories. 

Being in so many things on allowed me to find what I was looking for after graduation. The professors and department chair gave me the confidence to go for it! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have the mentorship, education, and friendships I developed at Westminster (Go Titans)!

What was your defining moment at Westminster?

My defining moments were receiving confidence during my first on-air appearance freshman year, when my sorority won Sing and Swing, and the Greek talent show.

Tell me about your podcast.

During Covid, there were a lot of people suffering in silence, including myself! I started my podcast, Spill with Me Jenny D, to give the public a voice to share their stories to help heal through storytelling and laughter. I believe everyone has a story, but it's up to you if you want to share it.

When did your passion for broadcasting begin?

My love for Broadcasting and Podcasting surfaced when I realized I love to entertain people. I’m Italian and I love to talk, so this is my therapy and my passion to help someone else. I turned 50 years old and I wondered who I was since I only identified myself as mom and wife in my daily routine. I wanted to pursue my dream to let my family and friends know you are never too old.

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