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Westminster taught KoreyAnne Smith '15 to love curiosity, critical thinking, and learning

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Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Meet KoreyAnne Smith '15, an International Business and Spanish graduate! Smith is a Process Quality Auditor for Sierra Space, a new independent space company that builds and delivers the future of space transportation. She enforces policies and procedures on her company, teaches clients about Sierra Space's technology, and fixes problems in their system.

Upon graduation, Smith worked in operations, project management, and quality auditing. These positions led to her passions for processing, analysis, and supervision. However, her interest in astronomy led her to the aerospace industry!

Smith became a Business Analyst at Sierra Space, where a mentor introduced her to systems-based thinking. Smith soon moved on to Process Quality Auditor. Her mentor's assistance made all the difference in her success. "I realized how important it was to communicate your interests and goals to people that can lead you in the right direction."

Westminster taught Smith to love curiosity, critical thinking, and learning. "I was prepared to apply theory and take it a step further. From the professors to the academic and alumni resources, Westminster has created an environment for student success."

Smith values alumni donors, as their support let her focus on her career. "Alumni assistance allowed me to take more risks and pursue professional opportunities that I might not have been able to do otherwise. I am so grateful for the continuing successes that donors have provided me."

Smith advises those interested in quality auditing to tenaciously work toward their goals, learn from mistakes, and pursue their passions.

"I was nervous pursuing an engineering-based career after earning a business-related degree, but it has proven to be a valuable asset... The cross-pollination of the two skillsets allows me to communicate and collaborate with a wide variety of people, which is a necessary skill in being an auditor...I would have never imagined being in [this] position, but I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Space is so cool!"