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Brian Chinchilla '12 credits WC for his career in research at Psychology Software Tools

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Posted on Friday, October 29, 2021

Brian Chinchilla '12, a Psychology graduate, credits Westminster for his career as a Research Developer with Psychology Software Tools. During his undergraduate career, Westminster's Psychology Department and Psychology Software Tools connected, which piqued his interest into the company.

He joined Psychology Software Tools as a Research Assistant on a grant for development of a digital, self-administered assessment of mental decline. Chinchilla was familiar with running participants, performing informed consents, and working alongside institutional review boards through his coursework.

"I was able to take the knowledge I gained from my time at Westminster and apply it to new research my company wanted to do," Brian shared.

Chinchilla advanced to a Research Developer position, which consists of psychology research, project management, software testing, and documentation writing. "I love what I do so much that I see it as a career I can have for life."

Chinchilla advises anyone interested in research development to be open to all opportunities, as they may open doors to a dream career. He also encourages students to embrace their Bachelor's degree, as it holds limitless opportunity. "I would have never pictured being in a career that mixes psychology and technology, but I absolutely love it. Remember that there are plenty of great jobs in the field that need to be done."

"Westminster is where I met my wife, a ton of lifelong friends, and it set me on the career path that I have today. I want future generations to be able to have the same opportunities that I was given because there are so many success stories that come from Westminster."