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Heather Bloom '95 shares how she supports WC through "refreshing"

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Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2021

"Westminster is the place where a lot of us found "our people" - our friends, classmates, teammates, roommates, brothers/sisters, partners, mentors, etc., who have shaped our college experience, our characters and our goals. It is very helpful to the College (as well as those folks trying to reach you from your college days) to have accurate contact information throughout your life. After all, the longest relationship you have with Westminster is your alumni relationship! 

We are so proud of you and want to be able to share what our alumni are doing, highlight your day-to-day, connect our students with our alumni, and reconnect those who made memories together. We also want to tell you what the College has accomplished - because we continue to thrive amongst others. The first step to continuing your Titan relationship is just updating your correct contact info and continuing to update when life changes your address. Make it a part of your moving experience (tell USPS, change your bills, let the Wiley Alumni House know how to offer your opportunities in your new home!). Your relationship with Westminster is in your hands and is up to you for the taking. All we want to do through Alumni Council and the College is know how to offer you those occasions. So - mark this moment and visit here where you can update your information or share some exciting news! Continue to find "your people."

Heather Bloom Hall '95 is a member of Alumni Council and a sociology and criminal justice graduate.