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Student Spotlight: Sydney Roach ’21

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Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sydney Roach ’21
Multimedia Journalism
Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania

Sydney Roach ’21 arrived on Westminster’s campus as an exploratory major, but after taking one School of Communication class—Writing for Electronic Media—she declared a major in Multimedia Journalism her freshman year.  In an age where the media is consistently under fire, Sydney remains committed to her craft—and to the basic tenets of reporting—to help educate and share information with the public. Currently the editor-in-chief for The Holcad student newspaper, Sydney also works at Titan Radio, where she is a disc jockey, produces promos, writes PSA scripts and engineers broadcasts. Working in college radio has been transformative experience for Sydney, and she dreams of one day working as a correspondent for National Public Radio. Sydney, who also has a minor in Writing, is from Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania.