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Leadership Team

Jason A. Lener
Director of Athletics

Department: Athletics
Building: Field House
Room: Main Office
Mailbox: 183
Phone: (724) 946-7313


Jean M. Hale
Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Department: Institutional Advancement
Building: Old Main
Room: 104
Mailbox: DEVEL
Phone: (724) 946-7368


Jamie McMinn
Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the College

Department: Academic Affairs
Building: Old Main
Room: Academic Affairs Suite - 109
Mailbox: DEAN
Phone: (724) 946-7121


The Rev. James R. Mohr II
College Chaplain

Department: Office of Faith & Spirituality
Building: McKelvey Campus Center
Room: Chapel Office 224
Mailbox: 172
Phone: (724) 946-7116


Ken Romig
Vice President for Finance & Management Services

Department: Business Office
Building: Old Main
Room: Business Office Suite - 204
Mailbox: BUSOF
Phone: (724) 946-7141


Karen H. Schedin
Vice President for Enrollment Management

Department: Admissions
Building: Remick House
Mailbox: ADMIS
Phone: (724) 946-7105


Erin T. Smith
Chief Information Officer

Department: Marketing & Information Technology Services
Building: Old Main
Room: 101
Mailbox: MRKTG
Phone: (724) 946-7327


Gina M. Vance
Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Department: Student Affairs
Building: McKelvey Campus Center
Room: Student Affairs Suite - 341
Mailbox: STUAF
Phone: (724) 946-7110