Stock Gifts

Direct Transfer (DTC)

Notify your broker of your intended gift by transfer and have your broker immediately contact:

Christine Miller, Controller
Business Office, Westminster College
New Wilmington, PA 16172-0001
(724) 946-7148

The date of the gift is the date that the shares are received into Westminster's account. Complete this form and return to the Development Office.

By Mail

  • Send to Westminster by registered mail the unendorsed certificate(s).
  • In a separate envelope, mail a signed stock power form to Westminster for each certificate.
  • Sign your name on the stock power form exactly as it appears on the certificate.
  • Have your signature guaranteed by your broker or banker.
  • Please include in one of the envelopes a letter indicating the purpose of the gift.
  • These measures are taken for safety and security reasons.
  • The date of the gift is the postmark date on the registered mail envelope.
  • Printable Stock Form.

Value of the Gift

The value of the gift will be the average of the high and low prices on this date. You will receive written confirmation of the value and date of your gift for income tax purposes.

Stock Form

Click here for a printable stock form.
download pdf