30th Cluster Reunion - Classes of 1980, 1981 & 1982

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Names are listed front to back and left to right.


Front row:  Carol Young Hartman '82, Ed Conti '82, Evon Lloyd McJunkin '81, Gary Miles '81, Peggy Bruns Walsh '80, Jane Loomis Smith '80, Marcia Yakub Aurand '82, Erin Dowling Middleton '82, Sue Holmes Dudt '81

Second row:  Bill McWreath '80, Janice Jeletic '80, Lori Osborn Steenson '80, Jennifer Cameron Ames '81, Lynn Lowry Foltz '80, Jody Dickson Flecken '81, Gina Williams Loebell '80, Cherie Ackley Scatena '82, Maria Martonik Worst '82

Third row:  Jim Miller '81, Nancy Low Long '82, Jeff Long '81, Jeff Cornell '82, Jeff Flecken '80, Jeff Murray '81, David Loebell '81, Bill Burig '80, Betsy Smith '81, Jesse Ligo '82

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