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The Student Philanthropy Program at Westminster College

Check out the Student Philanthropy events scheduled for this year!

Give – Financially. Make Westminster a philanthropic priority throughout your lifetime.

Involve – yourself with your time and talent.

Value – your degree and protect your personal investment.

Engage – with students, fellow alumni, and Westminster throughout your lifetime.

The Opportunity:  To help students recognize that because of their educational experience at Westminster College they become part of something greater than themselves. There is an important reality for our students…what they pay to attend covers only about 70% of the actual cost. A significant portion of the balance is covered by private contributions from generous, faithful alumni of the College. Clearly, it is simple, but an important fact misunderstood by our students...Westminster College is a non-profit organization that depends on private support.

Goal: To engage the entire campus community in the education and encouragement of students in the development of attitudes of philanthropic awareness and service through the investment of time, talent and financial resources.

Outcome: To create a culture and community of pride, loyalty and philanthropy among current Westminster students that strengthens, deepens and intensifies as they transition to the ranks of Westminster Alumni.

Community: Although the Student Philanthropy Program is a collaborative goal for the Office of Institutional Advancement, success of the program is dependent upon the cooperative spirit and participation by every area of the College including alumni, faculty, staff and administration. 

If you have questions or would like to be a part of the Student Philanthropy Program, please contact:

2013-2014 Student Philanthropy Events

Check out the Student Philanthropy events scheduled for this year!
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