Regional Connections

The Alumni Office welcomes the chance to assist alumni hosting gatherings in their home areas.  To help facilitate an event, the office will supply; lists of alumni living in the host's area, prepare and mail invitations, process reservations and provide a Titan Event Care Package containing name tags, Westminster pennants, local alumni directories, college informational brochures and other information as requested by the host.

Akron, Canton, Cleveland Regional Committee

Michael Burnett '01
Ralph Dise '74
Virginia Holland Frazer '64
Lissa Lauffer Martell '90
Nancy Hardman May '83
Christine Nelson McCandless '84
Shawn McCandless '84
Roberta Navarra '78
Judith Palagallo Price '69
Seth Rice '01
Jane Thomas Strausbaugh '84
Kathryn Orr Venema '73
Deborah Kurtz Zaluski '85

Erie Regional Committee

Kristy Fetterman Berg '03
Rosamond Kautz Learn '81
Cathy Sargent Mester '69
Jessica Buckeye Natemeier '98

Christine McCammon Palattella '90
Jennifer Nygaard Pontzer '90
Carsen Nesbitt Ruperto '08
Steven J. Ruperto '08
Cari Mester Russell '97
John Russell '97
Beverly Bemiss Walz '58


Erie alumni & friends gather at the Erie Zoo.


Lawrence, Mercer & Clarion Regional Committee

Sara Surgenor Arblaster '02
Barbara Jamieson Brown '67
Todd Cole '83
Karen Campman Emmett '75
Laura Ceraolo Kubyako '75
Roberta Laird '76
Kimberly Reash MacBeth '82
Marie Nicholas Peterson '51
Briana Palko Proudfoot '03
Judith Wiles Rorabaugh '76
Erin Anderson Schuetz '96
Dyan Chupak Sowers '02
Michelle France Smargiasso '69
Marjorie Fechtmann Slonaker '85
Pete Slonaker '84
Amy Whitling '08

Erinn Coccia Wolfe '03



Pittsburgh Regional Committee

Andrew Anthony '11
Jennifer Lucas Bridge '96
Ashley Carnahan Downey '09
Jim Giel '74
Melissa Rea Goda '99
Barbara Braden Guffey '70
Molly Harbst '98
Zach Marsh '09
Rich McKenna '84
Leanne Onorato '98
Phil Petraglia '83
Becky Rickard '98
Melissa Ruefle Spencer '98
Janice Twaddle '74
Melissa Wiley '00

Mandie Zoller '09



Youngstown Regional Committee

Debbie Krier Haverstock '74
Michelle Landers '91

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