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Office of Student Affairs

McKelvey Campus Center

Our students often times refer to the Office of Student Affairs as the "Grand Central Station" of the College. We believe it's a fair comparison, perhaps due to our central location on campus and our unwavering commitment to offer personalized assistance to our students. We serve as advocates, mentors, programmers, judicial officers, policy makers, advisors, counselors, and a whole lot more to our students.

In addition to our work outside the formal classroom is our pledge to ensure that education does not stop at the classroom doors. To this end, we work very closely with faculty across the campus to link curricular and extracurricular life in a seamless bond. Honors floors in the residence halls, thematic living experiences, leadership development, a summer reading program, PEERS health education programs, and a host of other experiences are just a few of the ways in which we engage students in the College's holistic "co-curriculum."

The Office of Student Affairs can also point students in the right direction for external community resources, concerning travel. For safe and convenient travel, we recommend students take a look at the New Castle Transit Authority schedules, visit their website or call them at (724) 654-3130 to find the most up-to-date travel schedules.


Student Activities

Student activities are an essential part of the college experience. Through involvement in various clubs and organizations, the student may complement academic studies while meeting new friends and gaining valuable experience. Westminster has many organizations that welcome new members to take part in their activities and services. The Office of Student Affairs serves as a center for information on campus clubs and organizations through involvement by Gina Vance, Associate Dean of Student Affairs.



Student Affairs

Phone Number  (724) 946-7110

Business Office

Phone Number  (724) 946-7140

Career Center

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Counseling Services

Phone Number  (724) 946-7340

Disability Resources

Phone Number  (724) 946-7192

Diversity Services

Phone Number  (724) 946-6178

Public Safety

Phone Number  (724) 946-7777

Residence Life

Phone Number  (724) 946-7110

Student Health Center

Phone Number  (724) 946-7927