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Senior Administrators

Thomas Stein
Vice President for Enrollment

Thomas Stein
Department: Admissions
Building: Remick House
Mailbox: ADMIS
Phone: (724) 946-7100


Neal Edman
Vice President for Student Affairs

Neal Edman
Dean of Student Affairs
Department: Student Affairs
Building: McKelvey Campus Center
Room: Student Affairs Suite - 244
Mailbox: STUAF
Phone: (724) 946-7110


Ken Romig
Vice President for Finance & Management Services

Ken Romig
Department: Business Office
Building: Old Main
Room: Business Office Suite - 204
Mailbox: BUSOF
Phone: (724) 946-7141


Matthew P. Stinson
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Matthew P. Stinson
Department: Institutional Advancement
Building: Old Main
Room: Advancement/Development Suite - 102
Mailbox: DEVEL
Phone: (724) 946-7368