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Bradley L. Weaver

Bradley L. Weaver


Broadcasting & Sports Communications Faculty

(724) 946-7238

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Campus Location:
   Thompson Clark
Mailbox: 182


Instagram @bradleyweaver

About Me

Joined the Westminster College faculty in 2000 teaching broadcasting, journalism, and media production.

2013 winner of the Broadcast Education Association's Best Feature Reporting Faculty Award. 

Broadcast journalist since 1985.  Experience as a journalist, videographer, producer, news manager, etc. at stations in WV, NC, MO, KS & PA.  
M.Ed., Instruction & Learning, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh.  M.S. Journalism, University of Kansas.  B.A. Communications, Alderson-Broaddus.
Publication:  The Phantom Public Airwaves: Applying Walter Lippmann's Vision to Talk Radio, Bradley Weaver, Journal of Mass Media Ethics, Routledge (London), Vol. 28, Iss. 4, 2013.

Courses I teach at Westminster:  Buzzfeed Cluster Course (combines Digital Social Media with Environmental Science), BirdTok Cluster (joining Digital Social Media with Biology of Birds), BC 120 (Practicum), BC/SCSM (Digital Media Essentials), CMP 112 (Digital Moviemaking), BC 311 (Multimedia News and Sports I), BC 312 (Multimedia News and Sports II), (BC 150); BC/CMP 601 (Documentary Project/Capstone), SPE 111 (Public Speaking), Inquiry 111 (Introductiont o Liberal Studies), & WST 101 (Introduction to Westminster).

Faculty advisor for Westminster Cable, Titan Radio News, The Holcad (th online student newspaper) and

WCN 24/7 on VIMEO:



Curriculum development assessment in pocket journalism and media production, experiential multidisciplinary learning with social media, and interdisciplinary service-learning projects.