Bradley Weaver, M.S. Journalism

Broadcast Communications Instructor

Communications Studies, Theater & Art Department
Office: 307 Thompson-Clark Hall
Office Phone: 724.946.7238 | FAX: 724-946-6222

I teach Broadcast Communications (BC) courses at Westminster College and I'm a faculty media advisor to our broadcast newsrooms serving Titan Radio and the Westminster Cable Network.  I'm also a doctoral student in the Instruction and Learning Program at the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh.  I take an experiential and liberal arts approach to teaching electronic media and broadcast journalism courses emphasizing storytelling.

Our students become experienced at working in both traditional and new media. Students begin with developing skills in writing, audio and video. In addition to teaching BC courses and associated labs, I advise the newsroom staff for our online, radio and television operations. Those operations include Titan Radio, and the Westminster Cable Network.

In the classroom we study the practices, foundations, functions, theories and impact media. At the radio and television stations I require students to shift from studying media to genuine hands on experience of all aspects of broadcast communications.

This well-rounded approach fosters greater understanding while allowing students to develop a body of work and professional experience. Students move from their roles as consumers of media to positions as media professionals. This empowers them to begin their careers now instead of waiting for graduation.

"Give the students something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.�

--John Dewey

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Classes I Teach

  • BC 111/Broadcast Writing
  • BC 251/Video Production
  • BC 253 (Com 205)/Mass Communications
  • BC 311/Broadcast Journalism I
  • BC 312/Broadcast Journalism II
  • BC 308/TV Producing
  • BC 601 & BC 602/Broadcast Capstone


Westminster graduates Melissa DePaul and Pat Sandora received hands on experience at WCN.  They covered local flooding during their tenure as Broadcast Communications students with WCN and Titan Radio.

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