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Getting Help

Where to find immediate assistance:

If you or someone you know is the victim of sexual harassment, sexual violence/assault, or domestic violence/intimate partner violence, please reach out to one of the resources below for immediate assistance:


Phone Number
Victim’s Advocacy Confidential 24-Hour Hotline
Department of Public Safety 24-Hour Line


Emergency Medical Services

Phone Number
UPMC Jameson
Jameson 1211 Wilmington Ave.,
New Castle, PA 16105
Sharon Regional
740 East State St.,
Sharon, PA 16146
Mercy Hospital
8401 Market St.,
Youngstown, OH 44512


Victim’s Advocates can answer basic questions about a Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (SANE) and accompany or transport you to the hospital. Contact them here: (724) 652-9036


Reporting Options

It is a brave decision to get the help you need during a time when you may be hurting or confused. You have choices when it comes to how you would like to report an assault. We have community resources within our campus that can help you during any stage of the process in a confidential manner. The local police may also provide reporting options while you are deciding how you’d like to proceed.

Everyone at Westminster College has the right to a safe environment. If you, or someone you know, has been hurt by sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or a similar situation, please know that you have options when it comes to reporting. You may want to talk with someone confidentially to help you decide on your next steps. Compassionate professionals will provide mental, emotional, and strategic support whenever you need it.

This link will take you to more detailed information regarding the steps you can take and explanations of the process:

 Learn More


To speak with someone about your rights and options confidentially, contact any of the following contacts.

Email Address
Phone Number

Confidential Resources:

Arise LC Advocates
Wellness Center, Lower Level Shaw Hall
(724) 652-9036
(on-call 24/7)
Counseling Services
Wellness Center, Lower Level Shaw Hall
M-F 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Health Services
Wellness Center, Lower Level Shaw Hall
M-F 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Pastoral Counselor
Second Floor McKelvey Campus Center
(on call 24 hours)


Victim’s Advocacy

An advocate is a confidential professional who can do the following:

  1. Help you navigate your rights and reporting options as a survivor of interpersonal violence
  2. Support you in your recovery and healing process
  3. Connect you to campus and community resources
  4. Accompany you to medical appointments, legal proceedings, and student conduct procedures
  5. Provide crisis intervention and safety planning

Our Advocates are employees of Arise LC, and they provide services on campus, in the Wellness Center, lower lever of Shaw Hall.

To begin Advocacy Services:

24-Hour Confidential Hotline: (724) 652-9036
Walk-In: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

All Wellness Center employees, including the Advocates, are confidential resources and have no obligation to report incidents of IPV to the Title IX Office or Law Enforcement.

Title IX

Title IX is how you report interpersonal violence to Westminster College in order for the College to take action. This enables you to receive information and support when filing complaints against a perpetrator. Any decisions about how to proceed will be made by you. There are options and people available to guide you through the full process. If you choose to use Title IX to report your incident, you will be treated with respect and given supportive measures to help. When it comes to reporting, your voice is what matters most.

 Learn more about your Title IX rights

 Incident Report Form

To begin the Title IX grievance process, complete the formal complaint form after your meeting with the Title IX Coordinator.

Title IX Coordinator’s Name and Contact Information

Gina Vance
Student Affairs Office
314 McKelvey Campus Center
319 S. Market Street, New Wilmington, PA 16172
(724) 946-7114

Receiving Supportive Measures through Title IX:

Whatever your choice may be, we are here to assist any way we can. If you decide to contact the local police, we can navigate the process with you and provide additional information.

We can help you in a variety of ways on campus:

  • Living and working accommodations
  • Academic accommodations
  • Transportation accommodations
  • Additional protective measures, including an institutional "no contact" order, which is enforceable through Title IX
  • Who/How to Contact: Title IX Coordinator, Gina Vance: (724) 946-7114 or

What are my Rights

As a survivor of interpersonal violence, you are given automatic rights. We are here to help you process everything, as well as answer questions that may come up. Rights pertaining to investigations, accommodations and notifications are areas included when we consider personal rights. We offer support and explanation as much as possible in any capacity necessary. Your choices as to how you would like to proceed are your decision. You always have the right to report to local law enforcement and/or file an incident report through our Title IX page. You may also go to Public Safety or speak to confidential sources to help you navigate the path best for you.

Email Address
Phone Number

Public Safety/Police Department

Phillip R. Lenz
Director of Public Safety McKelvey Campus Center
319 S. Market St.,
New Wilmington, PA 16172


Local Police Department

New Wilmington Police Department
134 High Street,
New Wilmington, PA 16142


For more specific information on your rights, review the Bill of Rights page

 Victim's Bill of Rights

Coping and Continuing Care

There is no expiration date on processing your trauma. When you go through a difficult situation, no matter what that may be, you need to give yourself time to heal. Be gentle with yourself physically and mentally. You may have to remind yourself that you are deserving of grace and patience when it comes to processing your experience and what you need. Practicing self-care in whichever form helps you, is important to your wellbeing and healing. Remember, there is no time limit on seeking treatment. Whether an incident occurred last week, or years ago, you can get help when you are ready to receive it.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a mode of treatment used by the Counselors at Westminster College when trauma is experienced, such as an incident of interpersonal violence. This form of therapy is beneficial because there is no time limit as to when you can begin the therapy. ART is an evidence-based treatment that can help lessen the pain associated with memories without losing the valuable information stored in your brain. ART gives the brain a new way to re-script painful memories, while automatically connecting to new emotions. The goal is to keep knowledge you have attained, while lessening the pain you are enduring. Using ART, the memory your mind retains can significantly change, therefore leading to a reduction in symptoms you may feel. The tools learned through ART can provide a new way to process your pain and help the healing process going forward.

Counselors can also offer therapy in other modalities to assist you in your coping and continuing care.

Counseling Services
Wellness Center
Shaw Hall, Lower Level
319 S. Market Street, New Wilmington, PA 16172
(724) 946-7928


Other Resources

Culturally Specific Services and Resources

We recognize the historical, social, and cultural oppression create the conditions that allow interpersonal violence to disproportionately impact minoritized communities. Arise LC is committed to practicing with a social justice lens and connecting survivors to resources that were born in their communities, and honor their wisdom, strength, and resilience.

The following are nationally recognized resources for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ survivors and their communities:


Serves transgender and gender nonconforming survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Provides referral to local affirming counselors:

Love is Respect

LGBTQ+ Affirming National Service Provider:

Esperanza United

Mobilizes Latinas and Latin communities to end gender-based violence. Provides access to bilingual crisis line and services:

Asian Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence

Culturally specific support for survivors from Asian and Pacific Islander communities:

Strong Hearts Native Helpline

Culturally appropriate support and advocacy for Native Americans and Alaska Natives:


The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community.

Pennsylvania Coalitions

Coalitions in Pennsylvania provide resources and advocacy for interpersonal violence survivors at the state level. Pennsylvania partners with supportive groups in all areas of the commonwealth to provide care and education to their residents. Click on the links to learn more about ways you can find additional assistance in PA.

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV):

Pennsylvania Coalition to Advance Respect (PCAR):