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ARISE – The Coordinated Community Response Team of Westminster College

ARISE is the Westminster Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT), which provides support, education, training and immediate help when there is an occurrence of interpersonal violence (IPV) on campus.


What is ARISE?

ARISE stands for, Advocates for Relationship Intervention, Survivor Support, and Education, and we are committed to every aspect of our name. We are a group of campus and community professionals who organize local efforts concerning any form of interpersonal violence. The phrase interpersonal violence (IPV) includes sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking as defined by the Sexual Misconduct Policy. ARISE gives comprehensive and ongoing prevention and response to all acts of IPV.

We recognize the historical, social, and cultural oppression create the conditions that allow interpersonal violence to disproportionately impact minoritized communities. ARISE is committed to practicing with a social justice lens and connecting survivors to resources that were born in their communities, and honor their wisdom, strength, and resilience.


Values Statement

ARISE has a set of values that guides our work. These include, but are not limited to, Inclusion, Credibility, Survivor-Centered, and Empowerment

  • Inclusion = diversity, comprehensive support, and honoring the background and experiences of all people.
  • Credibility = integrity, competence, and supporting those that need help no matter the circumstance or repercussions.
  • Survivor-Centered = always coming from a place of compassion, empathetic support, trauma-informed view for all.
  • Empowerment = Creating an environment where injustice is not tolerated among the students, faculty and staff of the Westminster campus.


ARISE coordinates the following activities on campus

  • Training of Title IX Hearing Officers, Decision Makers and Investigators
  • Training of Public Safety Officers on responding effectively to IPV
  • Training on trauma-informed response to IPV for faculty and staff
  • Campus-wide comprehensive prevention education
  • Campus-wide awareness campaigns
  • Development and the review of protocols, policies, and procedures for responding to IPVs
  • Compliance with the Violence Against Women Act Amendments to the Clery Act
  • Provision of comprehensive victims’ advocacy


The ARISE Team is comprised of the following people

The Wellness Center

  • Melissa Baron, Associate Dean for Student Affairs for Student Well-being
  • Jessica Mudger, Associate Director for Well-being Programs and Violence Prevention

Title IX

  • Gina Vance, Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator
  • Rich Hura, Director of Compliance and Risk Management

Department of Public Safety

  • Phillip Lenz, Director

New Wilmington Police Department

  • Chief Eric Jewell

Arise LC

  • Nicole Amabile, Executive Director
  • Rachel Pearce, Director of Community Service

ARISE Men's Initiative

  • Jason Lener, Director of Athletics
  • Jason Janusziewicz, Director of Facility Operations
  • Anthony Accardi, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
  • Robert Klamut, Senior Director of Charitable Relations

For any questions concerning ARISE, please contact Jessica Mudger: 724-946-7927 or


What is a Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT)?

A CCRT is an interdisciplinary team of professionals who meet regularly to assess, plan, monitor and evaluate response measures when it comes to IPV. They also create ongoing prevention and educational services for the entire Westminster campus. The team works as a group to build a collaborative strategy to ensure a united response to campus situations, as well as developing preventive procedures. A CCRT utilizes the unique talents of each member to create a team that best serves the community with informed decisions and the ability to help those in need.