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Merit-based scholarships are awarded in recognition of noteworthy academic achievement, special talent, or meaningful involvement in co-curricular activities and are renewable for four years. Westminster is test-optional for admission and has also waived the SAT/ACT requirement for certain scholarships. The following scholarships, and the amounts listed, are available to the entering class of 2023. Students who qualify for more than one scholarship will receive the scholarship with the highest value.

Academic Scholarships

All accepted students are eligible to receive a merit-based academic scholarship. Some of the academic scholarships available to the entering class of 2023 include:

Westminster Scholarship

Currently worth up to $120,000 ($30,000/year)

Tower Scholarship

Currently worth up to $104,000 ($26,000/year)

Titan Scholarship

Currently worth up to $96,000 ($24,000/year)

Trustee Scholarship

Currently worth up to $80,000 ($20,000/year)


Nominated Scholarships

Jerb Miller Scholarship

Currently worth $96,000 ($24,000/year)

The scholarship is in honor of Dr. Jerb Miller, a beloved professor, who taught education at Westminster from 1968 until his passing in 1992. A student must be nominated by an educator who is a Westminster College graduate and also qualify with a 3.5 GPA.
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Young Presbyterian Scholarship

Currently worth $96,000 ($24,000/year)

The Young Presbyterian Scholars program is a partnership between Westminster College and Presbyterian and historically related congregations, including PC(USA), ECO EPC, Orthodox Presbyterian, and Covenant Presbyterian Churches. A student must be a member of a Presbyterian or historically related congregation, be nominated by their church, and present a minimum of a 3.5 GPA.
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$1000 Early Application Grant

Students will be awarded a $1000 Early Application Grant for submitting a completed application and transcripts by October 1, 2022. To be eligible, students must apply and be accepted to Westminster for the fall 2023 semester. This grant will be applied to the financial aid package for the 2023-2024 academic year.

$1000 FAFSA Filing Grant

Students will be awarded a $1000 FAFSA Filing Grant just for completing the FAFSA and listing Westminster College on it by January 15, 2023. To be eligible, students must apply and be accepted to Westminster for the fall 2023 semester. This grant will be applied to the financial aid package for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Priority FAFSA Filing Deadline: March 1, 2023 FAFSAs received after March 1st may not qualify for specific Westminster grants and scholarships as funds may have been dispersed.


Stackable Scholarships

The following scholarships may be added to the academic or nominated scholarships listed above (not to exceed full tuition):

Music Talent Award

Ranging from $500-$1,500/year - renewable

A student must audition and be a music major or minor who demonstrates exceptional ability in music.


Outside College Scholarships

Many Westminster College students receive scholarships from various outside resources. Many of these scholarships are applied for as early as February or March and are awarded for the next academic year. The Guidance Office at your high school is an excellent source for obtaining these types of scholarships that may be local to your area.

You can also search for national scholarships using websites such as FastWeb. FastWeb is a free scholarship search that includes more than 600,000 scholarships worth more than $1 billion. To use FastWeb, a student fills out a detailed profile through a series of online forms. After the forms are complete, FastWeb responds with a list of matching awards. Each entry in this list includes information about deadlines, eligibility requirements, award amounts, and contact information for the award provider.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, you should also visit the Pittsburgh Foundation website to find a list of scholarships available. Westminster is also pleased to be a Preferred College Partner of The Pittsburgh Promise, a scholarship program for students who live in the city and attend Pittsburgh public schools. More on The Pittsburgh Promise Program.

The Presbyterian Church USA has individual scholarship applications available through its respective churches. Contact your church for an application for these scholarships or visit the Presbyterian Church USA Financial Aid Programs for Undergraduates.

Other outside scholarships may be applied for through:

 The Council of Independent Colleges CIC Tuition Exchange
 Tuition Exchange
 Scholarship Opportunity for African American Students: UNCFM
 Scholarship Opportunity for Native American Students: The American Indian College Fund
 The College Board Homepage The College Board on-line
 Corporation for National and Community Service AmeriCorps