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Requirements for the Major

Spanish and Supporting Courses:

SPA 351 Culture of Spain OR SPA 352 Cultures of Hispanic America
SPA 601 Spanish Capstone
IC 102 Reading the World

And at least 28 semester hours but not more than 40 semester hours from the following, at least two of which must be numbered between 400 and 499:

SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 301 Advanced Conversation and Composition I
SPA 302 Advanced Conversation and Composition II
SPA 303 Commercial Spanish
SPA 401 Studies in the Golden Age of Spain
SPA 402 Studies in 19th Century Spain
SPA 403 Spain in the Modern Era
SPA 404 Hispanic American Short Story
SPA 407 Advanced Spanish Language Skills
SPA 408, 409 Topics in Spanish: Hispanic America
SPA 410, 411 Topics in Spanish: Spain
SPA 590-594 Field Experience/Internship*
SPA 620-624 Independent Study
*Note: Courses numbered 590 may not be counted towards the minimum number of hours.

Majors are required to participate for at least 10 weeks in an approved international study program in a Spanish-speaking country.


What can you do with a Spanish degree?

Imagine yourself as an international events organizer, an international business person, a language and culture assistant, a teacher, or an international programs assistant.