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The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies has a chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the International Sociology Honorary Society. The organization exists to “promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition” (AKD Handbook, 2001-02). Being a member of AKD potentially offers such benefits as travel assistance to sociology conferences, competitions and awards for sociological research, small grants for graduate study in sociology and funds for on-campus symposia and workshops.

To be eligible for membership, a student must:

1) be an officially declared Sociology or Criminal Justice Studies major or minor;
2) possess at least junior year standing;
3) possess a minimum overall grade point average of 3.25 and rank in the top 35% of his or her class in general scholarship;
4) possess a minimum grade point average of 3.25 in the Sociology or Criminal Justice Studies major or minor, and
5) have completed at least 4 regular Sociology, Criminal Justice Studies or Social Science courses prior to initiation.

Dr. Kristin Park is currently the Chapter Representative. Feel free to talk with her about your ideas for the chapter.

Congratulations to the Initiates of 2014:

Chelsey Isler
Maria McTighe
Dana Winkler
Emily Niles
Katie Lesnick

2014 AKD Initiates


Dr. Kathryn Brasier gave the AKD presentation at noon in Witherspoon Rooms Lakeview entitled "'Community Impacts of Marcellus Shale Development"

Dr. Kathryn Brasier

Congratulations to the Initiates of 2013:

Jennifer Ann Duvall
Gabrielle Marie Elisco
Colleen Elizabeth Costello
Tricia M. Johston
Lydia Katherine Hartzell
Rachel Leandra Sherman
Dr. Rena C. Zito
Dr. Kristenne M. Robison

2013 AKD Initiates

Congratulations to the Initiates of 2012:

Jennifer Cantella
Annalisa Ryding
Allison Ward
Joseph Ritchie
Jenna Aldom

2012 AKD Initiates

Following the banquet, Stephanie Crist presetned her research in a presentation entitled "Hungry for Funding:  in the U.S. Emergency Food Network."

Stephanie Crist

Congratulations to the Initiates of 2011:

Tyler Craig
Alexandra Elliot
Matthew Facciani
Katelyn Moga
Alex Scull
Amanda Trudeau

2011 AKD Initiates

(Katelyn Moga, Alex Scull, Alexandra Elliot)

Initiates of 2010:

Emileigh Drylie
Alan Baldwin
Brett Glavey

Initiates of 2009:

Lindsey Guthrie
Stephanie Lyons
William McCallion
Nicole Zappa

Initiates of 2008:
Brian Leonhard
Heather MacKenzie
Devon Patton
Katie Teagraden


What can you do with a Sociology degree?

Imagine yourself a sociologist, organizational planner, human resources manager, organizational researcher, or in a position with an international business or non-profit.