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Requirements for the Major

Psychology courses:

PSY 100 Research Experience in Psychology (x2)
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 201 Experimental Design and Statistics
PSY 300 Critical Thinking and Writing in Psychology
PSY 301 Psychological Assessment
PSY 590 Internship
PSY 600 Senior Psychology Scholarship Experience

At least one of the following courses:

PSY 281 Principles of Learning and Memory
PSY 351 Cognition

Plus, at least four additional electives in PSY

See Course Descriptions for a complete list of PSY courses

NOTE: Honors students will register for PSY 662 Honors Senior Psychology Scholarship Experience. Psychology majors who are in the All-College Honors Pro-gram must have at least a 3.5 average in three or more psychology courses to enter honors research. There are also opportunities for a more extensive capstone project through our Research Scholars Program.

Advising Tracks: The tracks listed below are an advising tool to help students plan courses to meet their career aspirations. These tracks are intended to help students choose a) among required major courses (e.g., either PSY 301 or PSY 321 is required); b) psychology electives most consistent with their goals; and c) other useful courses outside the psychology program.

Developmental Psychology Track:

  • Recommended Major Requirement Options: PSY 281.
  • Recommended Psychology Electives: PSY 221, 291, 431.
  • Other Recommended Courses: EDU 201, EDU 231, CJS 201 (formerly SOC 201), SOC 204.

Clinical/Counseling Psychology Track:

  • Recommended Major Requirement Options: PSY 281.
  • Recommended Psychology Electives: PSY 275, 401, 421. Students interested in working with children should also take PSY 221, 431; Students interested in working primarily with adults should also take PSY 291, 212 or 321.
  • Other recommended courses: SOC 102, CJS 201, EDU 231, PSY 341, SOC 204.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Track:

  • Recommended Psychology Electives: PSY 225, 291, 341, 401 and 431.
  • Other Recommended Courses: BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 335, BIO 336, PHI 240, PHY 141 and SOC 101.

Social/Organizational Psychology Track:

  • Recommended Major Requirement Options: PSY 351.
  • Recommended Psychology Electives: PSY 210, 212, 213, 241 and 301.
  • Other Recommended Courses: ACC 201, BA 140, SOC 305.


What can you do with a Psychology degree?

Imagine yourself in the human services field, in a research position, in a school system, as a forensic scientist, or holding a position in an industrial or corporate setting.