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Requirements for the Major

Philosophy Courses:

PHI 101 Problems of Philosophy
PHI 102 Practical Logic
PHI 401 Advanced Topics in Philosophy
PHI 601 Capstone

Plus, all of the following, totaling at least 20 semester hours:

  1. Two History of Philosophy courses (PHI 200-209)
  2. Two Topics of Philosophy courses (PHI 210-229)
  3. One Ethics Course (PHI 230-259)

Majors enrolled in the All-College Honors Program will substitute a course numbered 660 or higher (totaling at least 4 SH) for PHI 601.

Philosophy majors must take at least four other philosophy courses before taking 401, and normally take 401 before taking either 601 or courses numbered 660 or higher.


What can you do with a Philosophy degree?

Imagine yourself in local government, human resources, the ministry, the law, advertising, marketing, business, or journalism.