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Philosophy is known as the cornerstone discipline of the Liberal Arts. Students develop perspective as well as critical and creative thinking skills; they create rational standards for discourse and cultivate a sensitivity to issues that involve values. Philosophical study develops a strong sense of meaning and encourages the building of coherent personal worldviews. Students combining a major in philosophy with a second major add depth and larger meaning to their studies, especially if students are interested in studying law, theology, social sciences, service professions, or language studies. Phi Sigma Tau the national honor society for philosophy, provides opportunities outside the classroom for growth and understanding by bringing students together who major or minor in philosophy. Members travel to conferences every year and hold weekly meetings during the semester to discuss philosophical topics. High-profile philosophy graduates include T.S. Eliot, Woody Allen, Mary Higgins Clark, Martin Luther King, Jr., Philip Glass, and Ethan Cohen.


What can you do with a Philosophy degree?

Imagine yourself in local government, human resources, the ministry, the law, advertising, marketing, business, or journalism.