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Requirements for the Minor

Music Courses:

MUS 121 Music Theory 1
MUS 121P Music Theory 1 Practicum
MUS 122 Music Theory 2
MUS 122P Music Theory 2 Practicum
4 semester hours private lessons (primary instrument or voice, odd numbered lessons)
4 semester hours of large ensembles
4 additional semester hours of any music elective course(s)

One of the following music history courses:

MUS 101 Introduction to Western Music
MUS 141 History of Western Music to 1750
MUS 142 History of Western Music from 1750

Music minors are required to perform juries only in the semesters where they take the odd numbered section of the private lesson.


What can you do with a Music degree?

Imagine yourself a professional composer, music educator, performer in a symphony orchestra or opera company, college professor, symphony manager, or sales manager for a recording company.