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Minor Requirements & Courses

24 semester hours total

MUS 121 - Music Theory 1
MUS 121P - Music Theory 1 Practicum
MUS 122 - Music Theory 2
MUS 122P - Music Theory 2 Practicum

Plus, 1 of the following Music History courses:

MUS 101 - Introduction to Western Music
MUS 141 - History of Western Music to 1750
MUS 142 - History of Western Music from 1750

Plus, 4 semester hours in Private Lessons (odd numbered lessons)

Plus, 4 semester hours of Large Ensemble

Plus, 4 additional semester hours of MUS electives

Note: Music minors are required to perform juries only in the semesters where they take the odd numbered section of the private lesson.

  Music Lesson & Large Ensemble Descriptions

  MUS Courses & Descriptions


What can you do with a Music degree?

Imagine yourself a professional composer, music educator, performer in a symphony orchestra or opera company, college professor, symphony manager, or sales manager for a recording company.