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International Studies

Requirements for the Minor

International Studies Courses:

FR 202 Intermediate French II OR SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II
ECO 152 Principles of Macroeconomics
PS 104 International Politics
GEO 101 World Geography OR HIS 102 History of Civilization from 1715 OR REL 111 Understanding
Religious Experience and Expression OR SOC 105 Cultural Anthropology

And two courses numbered 200 or above from the same discipline (Political Science, History, Sociology, OR Modern Languages):

Modern Language courses:

Any two French or Spanish courses numbered 302 or higher

History courses:

HIS 241 Early Modern France, 1600-1815
HIS 242 England: The Age of Elizabeth I
HIS 243 England: The Age of Empire
HIS 245 19th Century Europe
HIS 246 20th Century Europe
HIS 249 History of Women in Modern Europe
HIS 251 Medieval and Early Modern Russia
HIS 252 Modern Russia
HIS 253 The Baptism of Rus: A History of Religion in Russia
HIS 261 China
HIS 262 Japan
HIS 271 Latin America to 1825
HIS 272 Latin America from 1825
HIS 281 Africa to 1800
HIS 282 Africa since 1800
HIS 303 The Vietnam War
HIS 305 Marriage, Family and Sexuality in History
HIS 307 Monarchs and Dynasties
HIS 308 Cold War
HIS 311 South Africa
HIS 312 Topics in History and Film
HIS 410 Historical Methods and Analysis
HIS 420 Historiography: An Introduction to the History of Historical Writing
HIS 590-594 Field Experience/Internship (with international focus)

Political Science courses:

PS 204 Model United Nations (taken 4 times)
PS 222 Modern Democratic Ideologies
PS 232 Comparative European Governments and Politics
PS 233 Government and Politics of Developing Countries
PS 235 African Politics and Society
PS 236 Politics of the Russian Federation & Former Soviet Republics
PS 254 Seminar in Comparative Politics
PS 255 Seminar in International Politics
PS 331 Geopolitics
PS 332 U.S. Foreign Policy
PS 342 Politics and the Economy
PS 431 International Law and Organization

Sociology courses:

SOC 215 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
SOC 304 Social Change
SOC 590-594 Field Experience/Internship (with international content)

Also, an approved travel course is strongly recommended to fulfill minor requirements.


What can you do with an International Studies degree?

Imagine yourself an ambassador, cultural anthropologist, ESL teacher, international salesperson, international intelligence analyst, international news reporter, or transportation specialist.