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Environmental Studies

Requirements for the Minor

Environmental Studies and Supporting Courses:

ENV 101 Environmental Literacy
ENV 401 Environmental Studies Seminar
ES 160 Concepts of Environmental Science
PS 242 Environment Policy and Politics

Electives: In addition to the core courses, students must take 8 semester hours from two different disciplines from the following elective list. Additional travel courses may also be approved for ES elective credit, but only one travel course may count toward the ES major.

ART 105 Art and Nature
ART 300 Wild Color: Fiber Arts and Natural Dyes
BIO 105 Pattern and Process in the Natural World
BIO 361 Biological Diversity
CHE 375 Green Chemistry
ENG 131 Nature Writing: Studies in Literature
ES 360 Ecology
PHI 230 Environmental Ethics


What can you do with an Environmental Studies degree?

Imagine yourself an environmental consultant, environmental writer, environmental lawyer, conservation proponent, or sustainability analyst.