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Environmental Studies

Requirements for the major

Environmental Studies and Supporting Courses:

ES 160 Principals of Environmental Science or ES 170 Project- Based Environmental Science
ENV 201 Contemporary Environmental Issues
*PS 242 Environmental Policy and Politics
Statistics (MTH 135, MTH 335, BA/ECO 220, BIO 206, PSY 201, or SSC 252)
ENV 594 Internship
ENV 601 Environmental Studies Capstone

Plus three electives, one elective from each of the following categories:

Arts and Humanities Electives
Communication Electives
Social Science and Science Electives

Plus a major or major in a second discipline

*Note: PS 242 prerequisite is PS 101


What can you do with an Environmental Studies degree?

Imagine yourself an environmental consultant, environmental writer, environmental lawyer, conservation proponent, or sustainability analyst.