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Requirements for the Secondary Education Teacher Certification

Students seeking secondary education teacher certification in social studies with a major in history must take the following courses and complete all of the requirements for a minor in Secondary Education.

And one additional ENG 301-351 Studies in Context OR ENG 401-451 Seminar course.

ENG 220 Teaching of Literature and Grammar in Secondary Schools
ENG 240 Seminar: Introduction to Literary Studies and Critical Theory, British Literature
ENG 250 Seminar: Introduction to Literary Studies and Critical Theory, American Literature
ENG 590-594 Field Experience/Internship*
ENG 601 English Capstone: Advanced Study I
ENG 602 English Capstone: Advanced Study II
*Note: Students who complete student teaching may take either four semester hours of ENG 590 OR one additional ENG 300/400 course (see below). Student teaching does not fulfill the ENG 590 Internship requirement.

And two ENG 301-351 Studies in Context courses:

ENG 301 Shakespeare & Co.
ENG 302 American Landscape
ENG 303 The Victorians
ENG 306 Social Drama
ENG 307 The Family
ENG 308 Tragic Vision
ENG 310 Jane Austen
ENG 312 Women Writers
ENG 313 Children’s Literature
ENG 316 Pan American Literature
ENG 317 Traditions
ENG 318 African-American Literature
ENG 319 After Crusoe
ENG 323 Emerson & Thoreau
ENG 324 Whitman & Dickinson
ENG 325 World Fiction
ENG 326 Contemporary Poetry
ENG 327 British Drama
ENG 328 The Empire Writes Back
ENG 329 American Gothic
ENG 331 The Roaring Twenties
ENG 334 The London Novel

And two ENG 401–451 Seminars courses:

ENG 401 Drama Criticism
ENG 402 Narrative Theory
ENG 403 Cultural Criticism
ENG 404 Film Criticism
ENG 405 Feminism
ENG 406 Poetics
ENG 407 Byron in Context
ENG 408 Reader Response
ENG 409 Textual Criticism
ENG 410 Art and the Artist
ENG 411 Ecocriticism
ENG 414 Tragedy
ENG 415 John Irving
ENG 417 The Epic
ENG 418 Shakespeare: The History Plays
ENG 419 Shakespeare: The Tragedies
ENG 422 Psychoanalysis, Gender and Culture
ENG 423 Hemingway and Faulkner
ENG 425 Modern American Poets
ENG 426 Medieval Literature
ENG 427 Empire, Revised
ENG 428 Shakespeare
ENG 429 Forming Content

And one additional ENG 301-351 Studies in Context OR ENG 401-451 Seminar course.

Secondary Education students will also participate on the staff of Westminster's award-winning newspaper The Holcad, the Argo yearbook, or the bi-annual literary journal, SCRAWL.


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Imagine yourself an editor, educator, a journalist, attorney, lobbyist, business executive, sports information director, publicist, librarian, film executive, or writer.