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Requirements for the Secondary Education Teacher Certification

To be eligible for certification in English, students must successfully complete all requirements for the English major with a concentration in Literary Studies or a concentration in Writing as set out, plus:

  1. ENG/EDU 220 (Teaching of Literature and Grammar in Secondary Schools)
  2. Participation on the staff of Holcad or Scrawl
  3. The requirements for graduation in the catalog
  4. The minor in secondary education

The prerequisites for admission to the Senior Teaching and Learning Block are a cumulative GPA of 3.000 in all-college course work and a 3.000 in the major. “In the major” is defined as all courses required for the major, including those offered by other disciplines.

Students who are interested in secondary education should contact the chair of the School of Education as soon as possible for complete information. If all require-ments are to be completed in four years, careful planning in both the major field and the minor is essential.


What can you do with an English degree?

Imagine yourself an editor, educator, a journalist, attorney, lobbyist, business executive, sports information director, publicist, librarian, film executive, or writer.